What is the history of the Botox in Cupertino

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What is the history of the Botox in Cupertino Empty What is the history of the Botox in Cupertino

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In 1992, the first American Carruthers Botox in Cupertino as applied to remove facial wrinkles.
Botox in Cupertino is a nerve toxin injection can block, after the local acetylcholine release acetylcholine (the), which block the nerve conduction of muscle paralysis happened, the muscles.
Patients in 14 days before the Botox in Cupertino injections of aspirin discontinuation of aspirin and drugs. To stop using the injection cosmetics. After injection, don't massage ravaging the vaccine.
Botox in Cupertino treatments mainly applies early wrinkles, 30-35, especially suitable for the women on the forehead, the brow lines around the eyes and remove. Also can be used in the following facial wrinkles and neck.

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